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7 Fun Things To Do In Summer In Turkey To Explore The Land Of Kebabs!

As soon as summers arrive, the irresistible desire of exploring new places comes with it. The days are long enough to travel to distant places and to have an encounter with the distinct culture and traditions of that place. If traveling to eminent places and summers go hand in hand for you, then you should definitely put Turkey on your bucket list. Famed for its ancient ruins, grand monuments, and traditional food, Turkey is for those who love rich history, scenic beaches, delicious Kebabs, and spending summer in Turkey will ensure that all your wishes are fulfilled. It’s time for you to welcome the summer in the country where the legendary city of Troy exists. Fascinating enough? Get packed and leave for an intoxicating vacay right away!

Weather in turkey

If you are wondering in which months summer sets in Turkey or what is the highest temperature observed in Turkey, then get ready to have your answers. Summer season rolls in Turkey in the month of July and stays till August. A lot of tourists visit Turkey in summer season as the country looks breathtakingly beautiful when the summer sun shines on it.

An enticing summer vacation also requires a perfect list of things you can enjoy while you are in Turkey. So, here is a list including the best places in Turkey for summer where you can indulge in interesting things to do in Turkey. Take a look!

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1. Tourist Attractions

A sunset shot of the Blue Mosque at Istanbul

From the scintillating city of Istanbul to the ancient city of Ephesus, there a lot of places to visit in summer in Turkey. Explore the famous historical spots in Istanbul like The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia or visit the port city of Ephesus, Turkey will make your summer trip a memorable one. Those of you who are history lovers will surely enjoy the ancient ruins which reflect the glorious past of Turkey.

Best Places To Visit: The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace Museum

2. Beaches

beach in turkey

Beaches in Turkey are meant for those who love the quintessential things like summer tan, cocktails and street food. The people of Turkey believe that you don’t need to go to food, it will come to you as there are many street vendors on the beaches who serve delicious local cuisines like honey-glazed peanuts, cone of sesame and more. So, which one are you going to try?

Best Beaches To Visit: Kabak Beach, Blue Lagoon, Cleopatra’s Beach

3. Cappadocia

things to do in Turkey

Are you a trekking enthusiast? Turkey has picturesque landscapes for you to trek on and capture on your polaroids. Explore the stunning valleys and chimney-shaped rock formations while you soak in the alluring view. Make your summer trip more enticing by taking a hot air balloon ride which is immensely popular among the tourists. Cappadocia is famous as the magical world straight out from the scenes of Star Wars. Don’t forget to explore the Love valley and to stay at the exquisite cave hotel when you are done with your trek.

Things To Do: Hot Air Balloon Ride, Trekking, Hiking

4. Cemberlitas Hamami

Turkish bath

Turkey is known for its historical Hammams and Cemberlitas Hamami is one of the most renowned one. Established by Mimar Sinan in 1584, Cemberlitas Hamami is a popular Turkish bath located at the Divanyolu Street. Get into the summer vacay vibes by heading here to relish an extravagant bath. Lie on the marble, soak in the essential oils applied to your body and soothe your body and soul.

Location: Mollafenari Mh., Vezirhan Cd. No:8, 34440 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

5. Local Delicacies

Turkish food

Learn how to cook Baklava or get to know the special ingredients used while making the traditional dishes in Turkey. Popular for its Kebabs, Turkey has different types of Kebabs that you must try. Stay at a homestay and cook with the locals. They are known to be friendly and for treating tourists remarkably by providing them a homelike stay and delicious food.

Must Try Dishes: Kebab, Baklava, Lahmacun

6. Cay


Don’t miss out on the national drink of Turkey on your vacation in summer in Turkey. Cay is a Turkish drink that is served in tulip-shaped cups and is also offered for free in regional buses as it an important part of Turkish culture. Enjoy a cup of tea at bedtime to have a relaxing sleep.

Where To Try At: Cay-Tea’s Lunchroom & Deco Home

7. Dondurma


Wondering what else you can try on your summer vacation? Another Turkish specialty is the Maras dondurması which means ‘the ice cream of the city’. Made by whipped cream, sugar, cream, mastic, salep, and sugar, Dondurma is famous as the ice cream which doesn’t melt very fast and which defies the law of gravity. Beat the summer heat while you try the tasty flavor of the ice cream which breaks all rules.

Tips for travelling

  • Apply for your Turkey visa in advance.
  • Learn a few Turkish phrases which will help you for sure on your trip.
  • Use public transport as it is quite safe and budget-friendly.
  • Wear cotton clothes as Turkey is known for its hot and dry summers.
  • Wear decent clothes while visiting Mosques

Turkey is a beautiful country which should be explored by all those who love historical places and food. Don’t forget to explore all the cities in Turkey as each one of them will surely cast a spell on you! Already excited? Get packed, plan your Turkey vacay and get ready to fall in love with the country where once the Romans ruled!

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10 Bari Villas To Enjoy The Adriatic Sea And The Historic Town Of Barivecchia In 2019

A busy port town, buzzing nightlife, historic old town, and blue beaches, Bari is popular not for one but many reasons! Bari is one of the largest towns in southern Italy and is the capital of Italy’s Puglia region. It has the historic center known as Barivecchia, where you might just get lost in the maze-like streets. The churches of Bari are world-famous, especially the Basilica San Nicola which contains the bones of Saint Nicolas also known as Santa Claus! Bari also has a long coastline with villages dotting the coast, which has now turned into seaside resorts. The best way to enjoy all that Bari has to offer is by staying at these Bari villas.

We have listed out the best Bari villas that combine traditional architectural elements with modern facilities to offer guests a comfortable stay. Keep scrolling down to know more about the best Bari holiday villas!

1. Villa Polignano

Swimming pool View

The blue and white interiors of the Villa Polignano seem to draw inspiration from the beaches of Bari. The Villa is one of the most affordable villas in Bari Italy and is ideally positioned to access the beach. It is very near to lots of beach clubs like Lido Calarena, Wonder and Coco Beach Clubs. And if you don’t want to venture to the sea, you can enjoy the calm and clean waters of the swimming pool in the villa. The villa has two bedrooms and can accommodate up to six guests. From the villa, you can also go sightseeing to places like Domenico Modugno, and Ostuni.

Location: Cozze, Puglia, Italy
Starting price: INR 7,600/-

2. Villa Itria

Villa Itria View

You can step back into time in this traditional villa of the Bari region called the Trullo. The ‘Trullo’ is an ancient form of architecture which uses Apulian dry stone which is found only in the Bari district and had pointed cone roofs. Unlike using it for storage like in the 16th century, today this villa has converted the trullo into one of the most famous 5-star luxury villas in Bari. It is one of the unique private villas in Bari Italy, and you will be lucky to get a booking here. The villa has two bedrooms and can host up to four guests, which makes it ideal for a small family. It also has a beautiful stone swimming pool that is sunlit! This villa is also counted among the most popular Bari wedding villas.

Location: Locorotondo, Bari, Italy
Starting price: INR 7,800/-

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3. Villa Puglia

View Of Villa Puglia

If you love the idea of staying in a villa but cannot afford the costs of renting the whole villa, then you can choose the Villa Puglia. The villa is a smaller cottage attached to a big house with a garden that has trees, a solarium, and a huge swimming pool. It is one of the most affordable Bari villa Italia with access to everything! The interiors are beautiful and traditionally decorate and come with a stone barbeque and traditional wood oven, it is ideal to cook a pizza! There is a lot of shade around the villa, and you can lounge in the hammock or sit down with a book on the many benches and lawns, the choice is yours!

Location: Bari, Italy
Starting price: INR 2,500/-

4. Villa San Giardino San Tommaso

Villa San Giardino San Tommaso

The Villa San Giardino is one of the most beautiful private villas in Bari Italy. The house itself is compact and includes two bedrooms that can accommodate up to four guests making it suitable for a young family with kids. The best feature of the villa is the extensive outdoor spaces; there is a large terrace area with outdoor seating where you can enjoy breakfast with the family. The kitchen is fully-equipped with utensils to make all your meals at home. There is a supermarket nearby where you can stock up on groceries. The interiors of the villa are done up in floral shades, and the outdoors have several flower plants and aromatic plants that create a fragrant and divine atmosphere.

Location: Monopoli, Bari, Italy
Starting price: INR 4,900/-

5. Villa Zona

Villa Zona In Bari

The villa is a typical Mediterranean house and decorated in earthy colors like browns and pastels. The most striking features that previous guests have loved about the villa is the extensive gardens. The garden has large trees of citrus and other native species, plus lawn that is ideal to have a picnic under! There are also benches set up under the trees for enjoying a relaxing read. The villa is centrally located in Bari from where you can visit its landmarks including Basilica San Nicola, Bari Cathedral, and Teatro Petruzzelli. The villa is also 200m from the ring road, so even if you need to head to Naples or other South Italy destination it won’t delay you!

Location: Bari, Italy
Starting price: INR 5,600/-

6. Villa Santa Lucia

Villa Santa Lucia

The town of Monopoli in the municipality of Bari is home to authentic Trullo houses, and one such trullo is now the Villa Santa Lucia. It is one of the Bari villas that are suitable for small families and couples. It is affordable, close to the sea, and fitted with all the amenities for a comfortable extended stay. The villa’s courtyard has a pretty canopy of vines, while the interiors are all stonework with wooden furniture. You will feel like you have entered a Greek folk tale! One of the best features of the villa is the wood-fired oven that will make excellent pizzas.

Location: Monopoli, Bari, Italy
Starting price: INR 5,400/-

7. Villa Monopoli

Pool View In Villa

A gravel courtyard with landscaped area welcomes you to the Villa Monopoli. It is one of the luxury villas in Bari that focuses on style and function, ensuring complete comfort for their guests. The villa is very close to the ocean and about 40 minutes drive away from the main center of Bari. The villa is surrounded by olive and almond trees, which gives it a rural atmosphere. You can enjoy walking or cycling in the area and head to the beach for a swim. The villa has two bedrooms with five guests and has an outdoor BBQ area. It is a picturesque villa and ideal for those who love a calm environment to enjoy their holiday.

Location: Monopoli, Bari, Italy
Starting price: INR 5,000/-

8. Villa Elegante

Villa Elegante in bari

If you are a large group of friends or two families traveling together to Italy, then you would like to pick a stay that will help you explore Bari easily. The Villa Elegante is near the Bari Railway Station and just 60 meters away from the city center. It has four bedrooms where each can accommodate up to 11 guests, the rooms are large and airy and designed stylishly. The dining room is big and can even accommodate up to 20 people in case you have guests joining for dinner. There is also a parking garage for two cars and two motorbikes, which means you don’t have to go searching for public parking!

Location: Bari, Italy
Starting price: INR 6,300/-

9. Villa Nicodemo

Villa Room View

Are you planning for a large family vacation in Bari? Then head to the Villa Nicodemo, one of the best-located luxury villas in Bari. The villa offers the best of countryside atmosphere with easy access to the beach. From the villa, you can visit all the villages of Bari easy including Alberobello, Locorotondo, Martina Franca, Ostuni, Noci, and Monopoli. If you want to relax at home, then the large roman swimming pool is perfect. It also has deck chairs and safety options that will make sure your kid is safe in the villa. The villa has free Wifi in case you want to stay connected with the outside world!

Location: Impalata, Bari, Italy
Starting price: INR 9,500/-

10. Villa Antonelli

Villa View

Take a break from the hectic sightseeing and let life take a relaxed course at this villa in Bari. It is one of those Bari villas which are self-sustained and have everything, so you don’t have to go out. The kitchen comes with basic spices, cookware, oven, and stove to make anything you want to! It’s also a great idea as you can make your home meals when you are always tired of eating out in restaurants. The villa has two bedrooms and is suitable for four guests, making it ideal for a family with two children. You will such a lovely time that you will never want to go back home!

Location: Antonelli, Italy
Starting price: INR 4,800/-

We bet you are eager to explore this city while staying at these gorgeous Bari villas. Make sure you book your stay in advance so that you don’t miss out on on the fabulous experience of staying at either of these! Know of any more villas in Bari where one can stay during their holiday in Italy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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10 Churches in Paris to Make You Go ‘Wow’

Did you know how many churches are there in Paris? Close to 200! If you’re ever in the city, be sure to check out as many as you can. Churches in Paris aren’t just places of worship; they’re historical monuments with many having been built centuries ago. Take a look at our recommendations.

French Gothic architecture

One of the most iconic Catholic churches in Paris is the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral. Its French Gothic architecture is widely regarded to be one of the finest examples. Although desecrated during the French Revolution, it was restored in later years. It was also the setting for Victor Hugo’s famous novel, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Location: 6 Parvis Notre-Dame – Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris
Timings: 7.45am to 6.45pm

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a cathedral than a church

Saint-Eustache Parish was constructed over a century. Its unusually large proportions make it more akin to a cathedral than a church. Measuring 346 feet long and with a huge organ featuring 8,000 pipes, it’s served as a setting for famous composers to showcase their works including the likes of Verdi.

Location: 146 rue Rambuteau – 75001 Paris
Timings: Monday to Friday – 9.30am to 7pm, Saturday – 10am to 7.15pm, Sunday – 9.15am to 7.15pm

Russian Orthodox cathedral in France

This Russian Orthodox place of worship is a beautiful church in Paris and the first Russian Orthodox cathedral in France. The 19th-century building was dedicated to the Grand Prince of Russia, Saint-Alexandre. It also saw the marriage of Pablo Picasso.

Location: 12 rue Daru – 75008 Paris
Timings: Tuesday and Friday – 3 pm to 5 pm, Sunday – 10 am to 12.30 pm and 3pm to 6pm

highlight is the gorgeous stained glass

Sainte-Chapelle church in Paris was constructed in only 7 years to house Christian relics. It was once the residence of the kings of France. Its biggest highlight is the gorgeous stained glass windows depicting over 1,000 scenes from the Bible.

Location: 8 boulevard du Palais – 75001 Paris
Timings: 9am to 7pm (Apr-Sep), 9am to 5pm (Oct-Mar)

Entry: Free on the first Sunday (Nov-Mar), free for under 18s and individuals between 18 and 25 years old. Also free for the disabled, job seekers and recipients of French welfare benefits.

offers stunning views of the city

Sacre Coeur Basilica is a famous church in Paris on the hill. It’s perched on the Butte Montmartre and offers stunning views of the city. It features one of the largest mosaics in the world. It also has a crypt that you can visit.

Location: Parvis du Sacré-Coeur – 35 rue du Chevalier de la Barre – 75018 Paris
Timings: 6am to 10.30pm

grand French architecture

One of the largest churches in Paris France, St-Sulpice Church was built in the 17th century and is known for its grand French architecture. Among its highlights is the gnomon (a sundial) and its great organ, an impressive instrument of the French symphonic organ era.

Location: Place Saint-Sulpice – 75006 Paris
Timings: 7.30am to 7.30pm

clock on the structure

Trinity International Church is an English speaking church in Paris that has an eclectic congregation made up of individuals from over 36 countries. It holds several events each week for students, young adults, men and women.

Location: 58 Rue Madame, 75006 Paris, France

church in Paris

The oldest church in Paris is located in the 6th arrondissement that’s home to trendy cafes, boutiques, and publishing houses. It was built in the 6th century AD and was originally an abbey for the Merovingian kings.

Location: 3, Place Saint-Germain des Prés, 75006 Paris
Timings: 8am to 7.45pm

finely carved stone structure

The church is a famous church in Paris that houses the city’s last remaining rood screen. The finely carved stone structure is a double-stair arch that was used to do readings. The church is also the burial site for the philosopher Pascal who died in the parish’s territory.

Location: Place Sainte-Geneviève, 75005 Paris

Baroque-style building

St-Paul-St-Louis Church is a Jesuit-built Baroque-style building constructed in the 17th century. it features several interesting highlights like the façade clock and the autograph of Victor Hugo whose daughter was married here.

Location: 99 Rue St. Antoine, 75004 Paris
Timings: 8am to 8pm

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10 Best Day Trips From Luxembourg For A Perfect European Holiday

Luxembourg is a small landlocked country located in Western Europe. It shares its borders with three other countries which are Belgium, Germany and France. Spread over an area of approx two thousand kilometers a square, this country is one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe. It is ranked 169th in size among all the 194 independent countries present in the world today. This city was founded in 963 and ever since it has been invaded by rulers from different places. Thus one can find a mixture of cultural influence here. There are three official languages spoken here. These are French, German and Luxembourgish. Located in the heart of Western Europe, Luxembourg takes full advantages of its strategic location. It is easily accessible, popular among tourists and offers some of the best day trips from Luxembourg .

The climate of Luxembourg is equable with a temperate oceanic climate which is very enjoyable. This place is full of greenery and is very much family friendly. The locals are open and welcoming. The place is safe for visitors. Overall Luxembourg is a gem of a country with cheerful vibes and positive ambiance. It’s a good place to visit for people who are looking for a getaway from hectic work and city hustle. Here are some recommendations for day trips that you can take to enjoy the interiors of this alluring country.

1. Beaufort


Beaufort is a commune and a small town in eastern Luxembourg. It is a quaint little town filled with warm and welcoming people. This place is known as cobbled lanes and food joints. The cafes and restaurants ere serve some of the most exquisite traditional local food to you in the most creative ways. But what makes this place even more special are the castles that are present here. The castles are what make this more of a touristy place. The first castle is the Grand Renaissance Chateau and the other one is The House of Beaufort. These castles are as old as the 11th century. These castles are an explicit example of fine architecture, artful interiors and classic furnishing. The vibes of this place are quite archaic. And as you walk through the inside of the castle, you feel yourself in the past. The sculptures are a work of art and unique. Overall this is a nice place to take a day trip to.

How to reach- use transport facilities like bus or car
Best time to visit- spring or winter
Duration- an hour and a quarter by bus or forty minutes by car

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2. Echternach Town And Echternach Lake

Echternach Town And Echternach Lake

This is town is located towards the east of Luxembourg. It also touches the German border as it is next to it. Being the oldest town in Luxembourg, the vibe and aura of this place is totally different from all of the other places in this country. This town is very compact. Here the narrow lanes will take you to the medieval old town centre which does not take much time to reach. Other than that you can also visit ancient rampart, old patrician houses, seventh-century Benedictine abbey and not to forget the religious churches! Also if you take just half an hour walk outside of the town you will come across some of the most ancient Roman villas. On top of it the town hall built in the 15th century and the market square is one the favorite tourist spots to visit. This place also has an artificial lake which is a great picnic spot for families and children. You can simply take a stroll and enjoy the peacefulness of this place. If you are a sucker for all things art and culture then this has to be your one-stop destination. This place is rich in its historical meanings. It has plenty of museum to visit.

How to reach- take a direct bus 110 or 111to Echternach from Luxembourg City
Best time to visit- summer
Duration- half an hour

3. Vianden


This village in Luxembourg is nothing less than a beautiful fantasy. It brings all you fairytale dreams alive. It is one of the most popular day trips to Luxembourg City. Here you find so many artistic and ancient places to visit. The castle is the most important tourist destination of this place. This castle was built during the 11th and the 14th century. This is a feudal castle built on the ancient Roman ruins. This is now turned into a museum which is dedicated to Frenchman Victor Hugo who played a major role in promoting tourism of this village. Being one of the most Romanesque- gothic castles in Europe, this is one those castles that you simply can’t afford to miss. The Village of Vianden is another tourist place worth visiting as it has got some spectacular picturesque views that you may not find anywhere.

How to reach- take a train or a bus to Vianden from Luxembourg City
Best time to visit- summer
Duration- forty-five minutes

4. Clervaux


This small town lies in the northern part of Luxembourg. This is a sleepy little town located close to the town of Vianden. This town has got so many places to admire. It has got some ancient church with beautiful interiors, monasteries towering in the hills and fairytale-like beautiful castles. In the 20th century after a heavy restoration, this castle has been turned into three museums. If you visit these places you will find models of different castles in Luxembourg and things related to world war two. The third museums are known as the ‘Family of Man’. These museums have some awe-striking photographs from the 20th century clicked by a renowned photographer of that time Edward Steichen.

How to reach- take a car or a bus to Vianden from Luxembourg City
Best time to visit- winter
Duration- an hour and a quarter by bus or one hour by car

5. Trier


Trier is a big town and has a rich historical past. This town has got roman structures built back in 180 BC, which makes this place a famous tourist spot. To begin your sightseeing tour of this city, you can start visiting from the Porta Nigra. There are also sites to visit like the Cathedral, Amphitheater, Imperial Baths, and Roman Bridge etc. the main market square and the cathedral square are some more places to visit. In summer you can take boat trips to Mosel River.

How to reach- take a train to Trier from Luxembourg City
Best time to visit- summer
Duration- an hour and a quarter by bus or one hour by car

6. Metz


This place is located in the Lorrain region of France. This city has a pretty rich history. It has got an essence of the German Kaiser of the 19th century and influence of the Teutonic Knights of the middle ages. Tourist’s most favorite place to visit here is the famous Metz cathedral which is also the highest in France.

How to reach- take a direct high-speed train to Metz from Luxembourg City
Best time to visit- summer
Duration- forty minutes

7. The Mullerthal Trail

The Mullerthal Trail

This place is also known as little Switzerland. This trail is approx 112 km long and surrounds by all things green. This place is mostly famous for hiking. There are three loops each of 37-38km long. One can also come here with cars. You can spend a couple of hours, a day or even a week here. This place has a forest like an ambiance with huge rocks and tall trees shadowing the ground. There is greenery everywhere. It shelters a variety of flora and fauna. This place has got beautiful waterfalls, wolf canyons, and differ rent types of rocks. Some of these rocks are either tall or hollow. If you wish to climb those tall rocks you there are narrow staircases available.

How to reach- hire a private car from Luxembourg City
Best time to visit- monsoon
Duration- one and a half hour

8. Amneville Zoo

Amneville Zoo

This place is also famous with the name Zoo De’ Amneville. It is in France but in close proximity to Luxembourg City. This zoo is massive and can shelter approx 2000 animals. It has a rich variety of wildlife. Here you can find 360 different species brought up from five different countries. Various educational shows are also organized here. Also, there are nearby hotels which provide accommodation facility.

How to reach- take a car from Luxembourg City
Best time to visit- February to November
Duration- fifty minutes

9. Ansembourg And Hollensfels Castle

The New Castle of Ansembourg

This is a dreamy place to visit. The castles are alluring and the ambiance of this place is so pleasant. There are two castles and they are connected by hiking trail network. These castles were built in the 11th century and are surrounded by massive walls and towers.

How to reach- take a car from Luxembourg City
Best time to visit- winter
Duration- one hour

10. Bouillon In The Ardennes

Bouillon In The Ardennes

Here you can take a day trip and stay at night. This town has a lot of fascinating medieval fortresses. They also host falcon and owl show which can be a treat to watch for the kids. Also, you are recommended to try the Belgium beer and the French fries of this place. They are a delight to taste.

How to reach- take a renting car from Luxembourg City
Best time to visit- winter
Duration- forty to forty-five minutes

Luxembourg is a country where almost every city is a wonderful dream in itself. From the historic museum to dreamy castles, this place will take you in your fairytale dreams. Also, the transport facilities are quite apt. it does not take much time to take day trips to the nearby places form its capital Luxembourg City. So plan a trip to Europe, head to Luxumberg and make sure that you take these day trips and visit all of these fascinating places. You will surely gain some lifetime memories from this place.

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Temple Of Love In Paris: A Must Visit For Die-hard Romantics

Temple de l’Amour or the Temple of Love in Paris stands on a little island made of two branches of river, in the middle of the irresistible beauty of the Versailles field.
When the sun throws its warm and golden light on the green fields, the folly’s pure white marble shines like frost in the moonlight. Amongst all the romantic attractions in Paris, the Temple of Love is sure to lure you.

Does it sound interesting enough to you? If so, read on.

Temple of Love Paris surrounded by parched trees

The temple was built in 1778, on a small island in The Parc. In the middle of the temple stands a replica of Bouchardon statue; if you want to see the original one, you can go to The Louvre Museum.

Queen Marie-Antoinette, the last queen of France, ordered Mique (the architect) to come up with a design and build the neo-classical structure. According to some writers, it was built to celebrate the love of the queen and the king and the consummation of their marriage, which was delayed for years. It is said that the consummation took so long because the queen was a mere 14-year old girl when they got married, and Louis-Auguste (the king) decided to wait for her to mature.

Couples from all over the world visit the Temple of Love in Paris to renew their wedding vows and propose to each other. The biggest belief however is that sharing a kiss at the centre of the temple strengthens their love and relationship. If that’s true, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit this place.

Major attractions at Temple of Love, Paris:

  • The mesmerizing neo-classical structure
  • An impressive Bouchardon statue
  • Peaceful location by the riverside
  • A romantic boat ride to reach the temple

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a rowboat in a river in front of temple of love

The Temple of Love is exactly in Versailles, which is 20 km away from Paris city. Reaching the Temple of Love requires a bit of field trip, but that makes it even more romantic, for Versailles is as beautiful as a remembered single line of perfect poetry.

From Paris, you’ll have to board a metro from metro line 8, which is one of the 16 lines of the Paris Metro, and then get off at Michel Bizot station. From the station, you’ll have to walk to the palm tree lined street, pass the the grand musée de l’histoire de l’immigration (museum of immigration history) and just after the road, you’ll see Lac Daumesnil (the lake where the temple stands).

You’ll have to take a tour around the lake until the Temple of Love is visible from the shore. Now, you can either reach there by a bridge on the other side, or rent a boat. We would suggest you take a boat; there are many rowboats available that’ll take you to the temple. After the Temple of Love, the boat ride is the most romantic part of the trip.

Recommended length of visit: You can spend as long you want, but 2 hrs should be fine.

a white folly called temple of love behind dried trees

This one single attraction near Paris is one of the most special places visited by couples on their honeymoon. Here;s what some of the visitors have said on TripAdvisor, describing the beauty of the Temple of Love.

“Being a romantic, and an architect, this was one of the things I most wanted to see at the Palace grounds. I loved it and being able to stand where so many influential people once stood was surreal.”– Mike R from Stratford, Canada

“The temple is a rather grand folly, showing what you can do with unlimited amounts of other peoples money! It is very pretty and in a delicate setting next to a stream. It is well worth the small diversion from the Triannons although it probably takes longer to walk to than you’d spend inside it.”– MarcusHurley from Bristol, UK

“Beautiful chapel to happen across while enjoying the walk through Marie Antoinette’s estate. Peaceful and beautiful situated along near the creek, not a large crowd, so you feel like you’re getting to see something special.”– Cara C from Boston, Massachusetts

“It is a nice experience to visit this precious jewel surrounded by green and rich vegetation! It sounds like love!” – Maria Laura F

Read more reviews about the Temple of Love.

 a grand palace in garden surrounded by flowers

While you are visiting the Temple of Love in Paris, you can’t miss out on these interesting places:

  • Hall of Mirrors – the most popular room of the Palace of Versailles
  • The Royal Opera; Galerie des carrosses –  a collection of the most beautiful carriages
  • Museum of French History; Musee Lambinet – a collection of classical sculpture, furniture, and painting
  • The Royal Chapel; Le Jardin de Versailles – a spectacular garden
  • Piece d’Eau des Suisses – a garden for romantic, peaceful walks
  • Parc du Domaine de Madame Elisabeth – a romantic park

Doesn’t it sound like a perfect day in Versailles to you! Now you know there are many places not just within the city of love but also around it. We wish you a wonderful trip filled with great memories.

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5 Fairytale Castles In Istanbul You Must Explore On Your Turkish Vacay

So you’re here in Istanbul, have sought accommodation and few other places of attraction, but still are unsure of whether your itinerary is top-notch or not? Fear not, because Istanbul in Turkey has a grand collection of fortresses, ancient relics, towers and castles encompassed within its culturally and historically rich mainland. The top quality preservation efforts of castles in Istanbul are sure to impress you.

We bring you a list of top 5 castles in Istanbul, Turkey to enrich your travel plan with more beautiful views, open-air museums and much more. Take a look at these gorgeous castles that remind you of the glorious bygone times.

1. Sehir Surlari

Golden Horn

This fortified city wall surrounds the pristine city of Istanbul starting from the Golden Horn and wrapping it all around up till the Sea of Marmara. Being built in the time of the old Byzantium, they were initially used as construction material by the Ottoman army during the capture of Constantinople during the 15th Century AD but were subsequently destroyed by earthquakes. Today, as an ode to its former glory, some sections of the wall are being restored by the municipality.

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2. Anadoluhisari Fortress


Also called the Anatolian Fortress, this castle dates back to the 14th century, and was from the time when the Ottoman executed their first attempt to conquer and capture what was the then city of Istanbul. The narrowest point of the Bosphorus Strait is where the Asian shore of the city is, and beside that you will find this fortress. The Anatolian Fortress was built on top of the ruins of a temple dedicated to the King of the Gods – Zeus. This fortress is much smaller when compared to the famed Rumelihisari on the European side.

Location: Anadolu Hisarı, Beykoz

3. Rumelihisari

Large Fortress

The 16-acre fortress in itself has 4 main gates, 1 small gate, and in addition, features 3 large and 1 relatively smaller tower. There is also a small mosque inside the Rumeli Castle today. Although being shaken up by multiple earthquakes in the past, restoration has always been done on it, the final one being performed as late as 1953, and leading to its inauguration as a museum. Today, guests can visit the castle which has transformed itself into an open-air museum and enjoy the many dramatic and musical concerts.

Location: Yahya Kemal Caddesi No:42, Rumelihisari, Sariyer, Istanbul

4. Yedikule Hisari

Beautiful Turkish place

Yedikule Hisari in Turkish literally translates to the “Seven Towers dungeons”, and as its name says clearly, this is a seven-towered fortress which happens to be built around the Turkey wall near the Golden Gate, during the rule of Sultan Fatih Mehmet in order to protect the treasury of the state. Soon after, the treasury was moved, and Yedikule Hisari now began to be used as a dungeon. This place was used as a place of imprisonment for the foreign ambassadors that used to visit and the other Ottoman statesman.

Location: Osman Kale Meydani Caddesi No:4, Yedikule – Fatih

5. Yoros Castle


Ever wanted to gaze at the splendid boundaries of a terrific city from Istanbul? The view atop the Yoros Castle provides you with exactly that and more. The Yoros Castle is built on top of a green hill which is partially occupied for a long long time now, by soldiers of the Turkish army. There are two major ways of reaching here – either choose between one of the special touristic ferries from where you can sit back comfortably and enjoy the views of the Bosphorus, or you can take a bus ride from Kavacik.

Location: Anadolu Kavağı. 34825 Beykoz, İstanbul

These castles in Istanbul are famous for their sheer constructions, their touring options, the splendid views that guests can get from atop, and the rich entangled histories that they bring along with them. Pay them a visit on your trip to Turkey. Look through a window into the past to the times of the Byzantines and Ottomans, and get lost in wonder.

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7 Ancient Museums Of Nepal, The Paradise For Museum Lovers!

Exploring Nepal, an intriguing country where Lord Buddha the ‘enlightened one’ was born, is not only restricted to the famous places to visit or shopping destinations in the cities. To have an encounter with the tempting history and culture of this country you must go ahead and plan a visit to the artistically made museums of Nepal. One day spent witnessing the battles stories or the fauna and flora of Nepal is a day well spent. Nepal has a lot to offer to travelers who are always curiosity stricken and are overwhelmed by the past of our existence.

A museum with the Rolls-Royce or another one where you can observe the spectacular art pieces while indulging in Nepal delicacies. If you have that exploring buzz inside you, then its to scroll down and know more about these museums in Nepal.

1. The National Museum

The National Museum

The National Museum of Nepal is renowned museum consisting of the sculptures, paintings, weapons, coins and murals which reflects the struggles faced by Nepal. Located in Kathmandu, this museum is the largest one amongst the museums of Nepal and has three buildings. Buddha Art Gallery, Juddha Jayatia Kala Shala and the main building where there is a beautiful display of species of animals and butterflies. Do visit the national museum of Nepal to get a glimpse of Nepal’s freedom struggle.

Location: Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Timings: 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Entry Fee: NPR 79 / INR 50
Ratings: 4.5/5
Best For: Species of animals, butterflies and plants
Website | Reviews

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2. Patan Museum

Patan Museum

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Patan museum is located in Patan, was inaugurated in 1997 and is an abode to sacred artworks of Nepal in a building which is an epitome of architectural excellence. Not only it is a museum displaying eminent artworks of Nepal, but it also has a cafe where one can sit and relish western and traditional delicacies.

Location: Patan 44700, Nepal
Timings: 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Entry Fee: NPR 250 / INR 156
Ratings: 4.5/5
Best For: Traditional artwork and Traditional food at the cafe
Website | Reviews

3. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Established in 1975, Natural History Museum of Nepal is a treasure trove of Nepal’s flora and fauna. This museum located in Kathmandu is the only museum in the list of museums of Nepal which has a collection of 50,000 specimens of flora and fauna. A few kilometres ahead of the National Museum of Nepal, this museum is a must visit for those of you who want explore Nepal’s biodiversity.

Location: Swoyambhu Circle Road, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Timings: 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Entry Fee: NPR 50 / INR 31
Ratings: 3.5/5
Best For: Extinct Insects species
Website | Reviews

4. Children’s Art Museum Of Nepal

Children's Art Museum Of Nepal

Children’s Art Museum of Nepal was established in 2014 with the mission of teaching students project-based art-making while training them with 21st century skills. Spreading art and education in Nepal is the main mission of this museum located in Kathmandu. A must spot to add on your list this museum is based on promoting art of the country while providing a creative atmosphere to children.

Location: Hattisar Sadak, Buddha Air Building, Kathmandu
Timings: 11 AM to 5 PM

5. The Military Museum

The Military Museum

Walk through the history of battles fought by military of Nepal by visiting the Military Museum Of Nepal. As you will enter the museum you will see the giant tanks displayed in the front and get ready to see Nepal’s first appealing Rolls-Royce gifted by Queen Elizabeth. Get thrilled by visiting the most engaging museum of Nepal which celebrates the battles won by the heroes of Nepal’s military.

Location: Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Timings: 10 AM to 4 PM
Ratings: 3/5
Website | Reviews

6. Narayanhiti Palace

Narayanhiti Palace

Looking at the impeccable grand throne and glamorous rooms and later witnessing the stuffed animals hung on the walls, this is how your visit to the popular museum of Kathmandu will be. Dated back to 1960s when the royal king was told to leave the palace and then later turning of this palace into a museum, Isn’t it already captivating? So, go and get bewitched by the past of this museum.

Location: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal
Timings: 11 AM to 3 PM
Entry Fee: NPR 500 / INR 313
Ratings: 4/5

7. International Museum Of Nepal

International Museum Of Nepal

A museum based on the glorious past of mountains and mountaineers located at the charming city of Pokhara, International Mountain Museum is for the fans of mountains. One can spot the history, flora and fauna of mountains in this enticing museum of Nepal.

Location: Pardi Bazaar, Pokhara, Nepal
Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM
Entry Fee: NPR 798 / INR 500
Ratings: 4/5
Website | Reviews

Already compelled by the museums? Get ready to explore Nepal in the old classic way by visiting the museums. Finalize the dates today itself and book your next trip to Nepal with TravelTriangle

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11 Summer Festivals In Australia: Time To Celebrate 2019 On The Other Side Of The Hemisphere

Australia is a charming and bustling country surrounded by the Indian and the Pacific Ocean.Canberra is the capital and Sydney is the largest city in Australia. Australia’s tropical charm, thousands of famous tourist attractions, and world famous festivals are the reason for its immense popularity amongst travelers and tourists.The tourists who visit here never run out of things to do or see. It is known for Sydney’s Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, and its wilderness. The country has many beautiful serene beaches, and exotic flora and fauna. But apart from all these, it is the festivals that have made the country popular. Here is a list of summer festivals in Australia.

Australia has a vibrant aboriginal culture which is showcased in its festivals. From displaying wide varieties of art and crafts to hosting various genres of musical concerts, Australia goes all grand and leaves no space for anything when it comes to celebrations. December to February are the hottest months in Australia during which many festivals are hosted. Some of the festivals celebrated in Australia during the summer are:

1. Tropfest


Tropfest is the world’s biggest short film festival. It is widely popular across the world. This fest takes place every year in Sydney where numerous numbers of short films are shown to the audience and also, this fest is broadcasted live to various cities all around Australia. This fest showcases budding talents in the short film making industry. The short film is premiered in this fest and all of them are less than 7 minutes. Over 1 lakh people attend this fest every year and also, many people participate in this event. This is not it, as there are awards and winners are declared 2 days later.

Location: Sydney, Australia
Dates: Mid February
Cost: INR 2300

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2. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

The Sydney gay and lesbian Mardi Gras is an annual LGBTQ pride parade and festival that is widely celebrated all over Sydney. This festival includes various events such as harbor party, the pride parade and Mardi Gras film festival. This festival attracts many tourist both domestically and internationally. This festival aims to create awareness of the LGBTQ community.

Location: Sydney, Australia
Dates: Starts from second Thursday in February and ends on the first Saturday of March

3. Taste of Tasmania

Taste of Tasmania

The taste of Tasmania is celebrated from December to January where the visitors can experience the traditional Tasmanian cuisine. If you are looking for Australian summer festivals, 2019, you can also include this festival to your list. The event showcases delicious array of foods, drinks, events such as cooking workshops, and lots more. It is Tasmania’s largest food and wine festival. This will be the perfect place to discover a new cuisine and indulge it’s deliciousness.

Location: Tasmania, Australia
Dates: 28th December – 3rd January
Cost: INR 255 – 1280

4. Tuggeranong Festival

Tuggeranong Festival

It is a community festival organized by the people of Canberra to get together and celebrate the culture and diversity. If you want to check out the best music festivals in Australia, 2019, this is the place to be. There are a number of stores and stalls that are put up from which the visitor can buy various things ranging from food, crafts, and other objects. Musical concerts, carnival games, and more such entertaining activities are organized during this festival.

Location: Tuggeranong, Australia
Dates: November end
Cost: Free

5. National Multicultural Festival

 National Multicultural Festival

The National Multicultural Festival is a free community festival which is held every year in February. It is one of the most successful multicultural festivals in Australia and is held over a duration of 3 days. People belonging from various ethnicities come together and showcase their culture. It is one of the most vibrant and inclusive festival offers.

Location: Canberra,
Date: February
Cost: Free

6. Brisbane Water Oyster Festival

Brisbane Water Oyster Festival

This is an exciting one-day festival which was established in the year 2000. The iconic oyster eating competition is held during this Brisbane Water Oyster Festival. This festival also includes tasting fine wine, live performances by various artists, and having the local delicious food. This festival is annually celebrated in November and is one of the most famous festivals in Australia in summer.

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Date: second Sunday of November

7. Illawarra Folk Festival

Illawarra Folk Festival

The annual Illawarra Folk Festival is a mix of traditional folk music and dance. One of the most followed folk festivals in Australia, it invites over a hundred International and local artists performing in over 300 concerts. One can also relish the delicious international food which is sold at the stalls and there are also various stalls selling craft items. This festival is celebrated with a lot of excitement among the locals, and tourists also come here to witness the melange of traditions and culture.

Location: Jamberoo, Australia
Date: 17 January – 20 January 2019

8. Woodford Folk Festival

Woodford Folk Festival

The Woodford Folk Festival is an iconic music and cultural festival and one of the most famous summer music festivals in Australia. This festival is held annually over 6 days. There are over 1 lakh people who come every year to witness the spectacular shows and events at this festival. More than 500 acts of several musicians, artists and performers are showcased in the due course of this festival. The visitors get to experience the deep culture and tradition of the country. All kinds of performances such as concerts, workshops, film festivals, circus performances, parades, and even cabarets can be seen at this festival. The main attraction of this festival is the spectacular fire show.

Location: Woodford, Australia
Date: 27th December – 1st January
Cost: INR 2250 per day

9. Sydney Chinese New Year Festival

Sydney Chinese New Year Festival

Sydney celebrates the Chinese New Year Festival in a very grand and majestic way. There are the Chinese New Year dragon boat races, Chinese night market, China Town celebration, the lunar lanterns, various shows, and even a lion dance. This is one of the most famous festivals celebrated in Sydney. The city takes this festival celebration to a whole new level. Front decorations to the stalls and markets, everything elicits New Year vibes.

Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: 1 February – 10 February
Cost: Free

10. Falls Festival

Falls Festival

Falls Festival is held in various cities of Australia over the New Years Eve till the start of January. The festival hosts various musical concerts, dance performances, theatre, and other art forms. This festival attracts many tourists from all over the world and also has some of the best line up of artists. People of Australia celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and foreigners experience the same vibe.

Location: Various cities in Australia
Dates: 28 December – 8 January
Cost: INR 25590

11. The Cygnet Folk Festival

The Cygnet Folk Festival

The Cygnet Folk Festival is a three-day folk music festival held in Tasmania. The festival hosts various folk music concerts and workshops. Many talented Australian and international musicians come and perform in this festival. Young, budding artists can also be seen here and one can experience a perfect traditional musical evening in this fest.

Location: Tasmania, Australia
Dates: 2nd weekend of January
Cost: INR 9720

Australia hosts many flamboyant cultural events and festivals throughout the year. The party and festivities never end here. Moreover, the friendliness and accommodating locals make the tourists’ experience more memorable and joyous. One must witness at least a few of these grand summer festivals in Australia. Book your trip to Australia with TravelTriangle to be a part of these celebrations!

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A Beer Vacation On Durango Brew Train Will Make You Go ‘Chhaiya-Chhaiya’ With Excitement

While Simran chases Raj on the train in the movie DDLJ, beer aficionados can chase their love on this brew train in Colorado, USA before it leaves the station. The beer vacation on Durango Brew Train is where the passengers can spend their day chugging beers and soaking in the views of the Animas Valley.

You may have missed a few trains in your life but you will deeply regret it if you miss this one. Durango Brew Train in Colorado, a 20th-century revived steam engine locomotive, takes you on a two-hour journey through the wilderness offering fresh beer and good food. While the freshly brewed beer will give you the buzz, it is the astounding views on the journey that will leave you intoxicated.

The answer is really simple and we even have a four-point reasoning for the same.

A. It’s vintage. Who does not like traveling in an authentic locomotive from the 1920s? It is always fun! Ask Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.

B. There’s beer. Colorado’s best brewers will walk through the cars pouring the finest beers you have ever tasted. And, they are generous with their pours too. BREW, Steamworks Brewing, Ska Brewing, and Carvers Brewing are some of the local ace brewers serving on the Durango Beer Train. If you are a beer connoisseur, this is an experience of a lifetime.

C. The views are sublime! Enjoy a picturesque ride through the Colorado Mountains offering you the jaw-dropping views of ridges and river. Before the train stops in the middle of the San Juan National Forest at Cascade Canyon, look forward to the dramatic highlight; gaping over a huge 500-ft cliff down on the Animas River from your window seat.

D. And, it only happens once (sometimes, twice) a year.  The train journey is packed with full-on entertainment which includes good food, live music, and wilderness. Why miss it, then?

durango beer train

Fares Of Durango Brew train

Premium: $169 (INR 12,264)
Standard: $109 (INR 7,910)
(Additional 7% Preservation Fee)

The train leaves on 29 September 2018 from the Durango Station. If you think you can’t make this year, plan a trip to the US and get your train tickets booked well in advance. Apparently, there is a long waiting list for 2019!

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10 Mosques In Turkey That Are Much More Than Just Prayer Halls

Turkey is a modern city with the longest possible history that dates as early as the prehistoric era. The estimated 10,000 year of city is a treasure trove of stories, historical events and the vibrant culture that got shaped through the various empires and dynasties that ruled over it from time to time. The myriads of layers that the city presents, the depth and profoundness of the culture that it adds to the modern city life of today is the result of a long earned wisdom that comes from standing tall through all the crest and fall of the time for thousands of years.

Evidently, the mosques in Turkey are much more than just prayer halls. The Mosque city of Turkey – as it is often referred to as, boasts of some of the most beautiful mosques that has been a major tourist attraction. The mosques present unmatched architectural and aesthetic marvel makes you go completely spellbound. These mosques give a profoundness and character to the skyline of Turkey that is remarkably unique in the entire world. The mosques in Turkey have some of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the world. Let us take a look at some of the absolutely must visit mosques in Turkey.

The pristine beauty of Turkey with clear blue sky above the magnificent domes and minarets that characterizes the landscape of the place makes it different and unique when compared to other tourist spots all over the world.

1. Grand Mosque of Bursa

awesome architecture

Built between 1396 and 1399 I during the Ottoman Empire, Grand Mosque of Bursa is a true marvel of the Ottoman architecture that was heavily influenced by the Seljuk architectural style. The display of calligraphy on the walls and columns of the mosque is the best site to see Islamic calligraphy. The rectangular structure of the mosque stands over a stretch of 5000 sq.m of land and contains 2 minarets and 20 domes.

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2. Selimiye Mosque, Edirne

masterpiece in Turkey

One of the most magnanimous structures stretched over an expansive land of 28,500 sq.m, Selimiye Mosque was built by the Mimar Sinan for Sultan Selim II of Edrine. Many feature on its cap the mosque can accommodate 6,000 people in its prayer hall, has been touted to be his masterpiece by Mimar Sinan himself and has been listed in UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2011.

3. New Mosque, Istanbul

gorgeous Mosque

One of the last and the largest mosque in Turkey, Istanbul, built by the Ottoman family, the construction of the New Mosque started in 1597 and continued till 1665. Oniginally named as Valide Sultan Mosque, which literally translates to the Queen Mother was named after the mother of Suntan Mehme III upon her order to commemorate her son’s ascending the throne. The structure and design of the mosque as a complex serves the religious as well as cultural purpose.

4. Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul

largest mosque in Istanbul

Yet another masterstroke by the great architect, Mimar Sinan, Suleymaniye Mosque is one of the biggest mosque in Turkey built between 1550 and 1558 upon the order of Suleyman on the lines of the Dome of the Rocks at the temple of Solomon. Proclaiming himself as the ‘second Solomon’, Suleyman decreed this mosque to be made which stands tall as an emblem of the golden age of the Ottomans during the reign of the great Sultan Suleyman.

5. Sultanahmet Mosque, Istanbul

oldest structures with six minarets

Designed by Sedefkar Mehmet Aga, The Sultanahmet Mosque is a famous mosque in Turkey. It is a true marvel of architecture which was built between 1609 and 1616. One of the oldest structures with six minarets, it is a unique mosque of its time. The grandiose of the structure similar to the Suleymaniye Mosque and the use of Iznik tiles, makes it the most attractive mosque in the whole of Istanbul.

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6. Kocatepe Mosque, Ankara

view of Kocatepe Mosque in night

One of the largest mosques in Istanbul that stands in the capital city of Ankara in Turkey is the Kocatepe Mosque and was built between 1967 and 1987. The sheer size and the magnanimous structure of the mosque make it visible from almost every part of the city. Inspired by the Selimiye mosque, Sultan Ahmet mosque and Sehzade masjid, the magnificent structure beautifully blends the neo-classical Ottoman architecture and Byzantine architecture.

7. Sabancı Central Mosque, Adana

largest mosque in Turkey

One of the largest Turkish mosques, Sabanci is inspired by the Selimiye Mosque of Edirne and Sultan Ahmed’s masjid. It has six minarates and eight pillars carrying the main dome. Standing tall on the banks of the Seyhan River, Sabanci Central Mosque is built over a land of 52,600 sq.m with a closed area of 6,600 sq.m.

8. Abdülhamid Han Mosque, Kahramanmaraş

largest masjids in Turkey

Stretched over a land of 3600 square meters, this is one of the largest masjids in Turkey which as built between 1993 to 2011. Srtuctured on four minars, the architectural grandeur is further highlighted when the minars are illuminated at the night time.

9. Mimar Sinan Mosque, Ataşehir, Istanbul

modern architecture Mosque

The magnificent structure of the Mimar Sinan Mosque portrays the perfect blend of the Ottoman style and the modern architecture. Constructed over an area of 36,758 square meters with a closed area of 2,808 square meters, the mosque has the capacity accommodate a crowd of 10,000 people.

10. Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque, Ankara

beautiful Mosque in Turkey

One of the latest and beautiful mosques in Turkey to have been built between 2008 and 2013, Ahmet hamdi Akseki Mosque spells sheer grandiose through its magnanimous structure. The Ottoman-Turkish influence in the architecture that is pretty much evident in all the spiritual constructs in Turkey is seen marrying modern architectural elements actuating its beauty in a manifold manner.

Evidently, the mosques in incredible Turkey are much more than just prayer halls. They are rather the signature of the great Sultans and other eminent historical figures who reigned over the land. An emblem of architectural, aesthetic and cultural heritage of Turkey, these mosques adds to the country’s uniqueness in various ways. The richness and opulence of Turkey through the ages is depicted in absolute perfection through these magnificent mosques.

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